Scenario Writing

ARE YOU . . .

           ... looking for a way to challenge gifted students?

           ... searching for a method to differentiate for students who yearn to do creative writing in an otherwise packed core curriculum?

          ... hunting for a technique to provide an enrichment opportunity for advanced learners?

          ... seeking a process to involve students in interesting topics like impact of social media, processed foods, propaganda, and enhancing human potential?

          ... trying to find a system to engage students in thinking about their future?


Introduce your students to the SCENARIO WRITING component of Virginia Future Problem Solving! 

  • Allows individual writers to create futuristic stories based on one of the FPS topics.

  • Reinforces the Six Traits of Writing and incorporates interdisciplinary opportunities because FPS topics cover concepts from science, social studies, and even health!

  • Permits coaches the flexibility to use the program with one student, several students, or an entire class.

  • Provides deadlines for students and coaches. The first round of feedback is on December 6th. A final submission must be completed on February 7th.

  • Offers affordable registration. The cost is only $45.00 per entry, and a coach may enter as many or as few entries as they wish!

  • Gives student-friendly feedback for each entry.

  • Recognizes winners in each age division. Winners are invited to attend the State Bowl...... AN EXCITING EVENT!

Scenario Writing encourages creative writing using Future Problem Solving elements. Individual students compose futuristic short stories of 1,500 words or fewer related to one of the current year's topics or last year's International Conference (IC) topic. The first place winner is invited to the FPSP International Conference.

Competitors are divided into three divisions:

Grades 4 - 6 (Junior)
Grades 7 - 9 (Middle)
Grades 10 - 12 (Senior)