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Virginia Future Problem Solving

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VAFPS's Goals

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VAFPS is proud to be an affiliate of Future Problem Solving Program International (FPSPI), a yearlong educational program which combines the rigorous intellectual challenge  of creative problem solving with an interdisciplinary study of the future. 

Learn more about FPSPI, its impact, the Torrance method of problem solving, and the 5 Cs of learning.


VAFPS Board of Directors

Experience. Commitment. Leadership.

The VAFPS Board is comprised of 

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Affiliate Director and Global Issues Problem-Solving Coordinator

Patty Haskins

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State Bowl Coordinator

LeeAnn Van Vranken

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Community Problem Solving Coordinator

Anne Evans

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Scenario Writing Coordinator

Joanne Stanley

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Action Based Problem Solving Coordinator

Rose Browning

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Webmaster and Scenario Performance Coordinator

Katie Anne Conner

Katie has enthusiastically competed as an FPSer (2004 - 2012) and CmPSer (2008, 2012), and has served as a GIPS booklet evaluator for VAFPS since 2015. She has served on the board of VAFPS since 2017. She is currently a PhD student at Ohio State University in Linguistics. Her favorite part of FPS is giving evaluation feedback to help grow teams' skills and improve their booklets over time.

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