An Important Announcement for Coaches and Competitors:

Dear Phoenix Challenge Coaches and Competitors:

Thank you all for your time, effort, creativity, and problem solving! As of today ( 5/18 ), the results for all components have been posted (including GIPS results and Fun Factor). Please check out the results at "State Bowl Central" !  Have a wonderful, safe, healthy summer, and we'll see you next season! 

- Patty Haskins, VAFPS State Director


Ready to research? Head to our topics page for brief synopses of each currently available topic, in addition to links for suggested readings for each topic.

Head to our state bowl central page for all the latest updates on bid allocations, registration, rules, scheduling, and more for the 2020 VAFPS State Bowl. 

Looking to up your problem solving skills? Need to boost your ability to creatively apply research? Check out our resources page! All things FPS tips and tricks are located here for you. 

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