State Bowl 2020 Bid Allocations

Bids for the 2019 - 2020 competition season VAFPS State Bowl will be allocated as follows in the below table. 

State bowl bids are based solely on results of Qualifying Problem booklet evaluation.

All booklets are scored and rank ordered in the first round. Booklets receiving a rank of one or two are re-evaluated in the second round. Each Round Two booklet is assigned a TRS (total rank sum) which is the sum of a team’s ranks after successive rounds of evaluation. The TRS range is 2-8 (for example: 1+1=2, 2+1=3, 2+6=8).

District bids are filled first, with the best team(s) in each geographic district invited, up to the guaranteed allocation per grade level division.

If a clear winner cannot be determined after round two, booklets go to a third round of head-to-head competition among teams within a particular district. After district bids are determined, all remaining second round teams are placed in the at-large pool.

Each division’s allocation of at-large bids will be filled according to the second round TRS. At-large slots are filled according to quality regardless of district. Some situations may require an additional third round run-off.

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