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Deadline for new and returning coaches and
potential evaluators training approaches

Wednesday, October 22 is the absolute deadline for registering for the October 25 training session. Future Problem Solving of Virginia is offering a second training opportunity for new coaches and a unique follow-up training for returning coaches. Coaches new to the Future Problem Solving Program can receive the initial training we conducted during the summer session. Those who have received training in the past and have worked with their students through PP#1 can join experienced trainers to revisit their training experience through the eyes of their students. How will all of this work?

Coaches with NO training can register for the New Coaches’ Training workshop strand. VAFPS certified trainers will introduce new coaches to the six step process; modeling the process as the coaches will do with their own teams. This will allow coaches to experience working through all six steps with the Practice Problem #1 future scene.

Trained coaches who need a refresher or those just wanting to process through PP#1 with experienced coaches should register for Returning Coaches’ Training workshop strand. Coaches should bring with them one of the their PP#1 completed team booklets. The coaches will analyze the Impact of Social Media future scene and their teams’ completion of each step of the process. Trainers will assist coaches in recognizing how the pieces from their initial training and the completion of PP#1 booklet fit together, and provide strategies and suggestions for moving teams forward to the Qualifying Problem.

We don’t want to leave out those evaluators! A second training will be conducted for those new to evaluation as well as those returning. Since PP#1 will have been completed, “real-time” evaluation will occur in this workshop. Evaluators will receive a recently completed PP#1 booklet through which they will receive their training. Participants will have an opportunity to see the types of submissions from a variety of “experience” levels of problem solvers. Experienced evaluators are encouraged to attend to refresh their understandings of evaluation and receive training on the evaluation of the piloted VAFPS GIPS Training Booklet begin used for PP#1.

All sessions will be held on Saturday, October 25 at Powhatan High School in Powhatan County. Register online.

Register for the 2014-15 Season

The registration site for all Future Problem Solving of Virginia programs is now open for business. Because some coaches may prefer to receive their program materials and competitive results at home, coaches this year are permitted to select a contact delivery location other than a school.

Registering coaches for all Virginia programs must use the online registration form.

Instructional materials, other than those included with your registration packet, must be order from the Future Problem Solving International Mart.

There is no price increase in program registration this year.








2014-15 topics

and individuals will have an interesting and engaging list of topics to research and explore for next year's competition:

Practice Problem 1
Impact of Social Media

Practice Problem 2
Processed Foods

Qualifying Problem

State Bowl
Enhancing Human Potential

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Idea Share: Notebook Cover

As an opening activity, students at Robius Middle School in Chesterfield County design a Future Problem Solving notebook cover incorporating the year’s topics. They then share their original creation with other students, searching for classmates whose covers are dissimilar in some particular way. Standing in a circle, participants in small groups explain how they approached the assignment and discuss the implications of having a team composed of members who think differently.

Coach Joanne Stanley submitted this idea.

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