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New Program: Scenario Presentation

Once upon a time, in the year 2015 to be exact, FPSP Australia, developed a new Future Problem Solving Component known as Scenario Performance, or as we in the business like to say, storytelling. Storytelling, you say? Great galaxies! What in the universe has storytelling got to do with Future Problem Solving? Well, I'm about to tell you.

Thus might begin a student's story for this new and exciting component of FPS. Scenario Performance (ScP) allows students to tap into alternative learning modalities within FPS competition, perhaps creating an opportunity for students to participate who are looking for a change of venue in FPS. How does it work?

• Scenario Performance is about storytelling, as opposed to story writing. Individual students choose one of the FPS annual topics as a basis for their ideas to create a story outline that has been developed in a creative and entertaining manner by the students prior to the performance. 

• The story is not written out in full because it will be told, not read. Spontaneity is the order of the day. While a predetermined number of cue cards is allowed, props are not.

• Stories should be between 4-5 minutes in duration and should be set at least 20 years in the future.

• Submission will take the form of a video file of the student delivering an oral performance of his or her story, undertaken in one take without any edits. 

• While Virginia's program will use a video format, Scenario Performance competition at the International Conference is a live storytelling event with an audience.

The competition is open to all three divisions: junior (grades 4-6), middle (grades 7-9), and senior (grades 10-12). The first place winner from each division may be invited to the International Conference, subject to quality.

Registration for the program will begin in early August.


Topics for the 2016-17 Competitive Season

......Practice Problem 1 - Educational Disparities - deadline: October 8

......Practice Problem 2 - It's All in the Genes - deadline: December 10

......Qualifying Problem - 3D Printing - deadline: February 4

......State Bowl - Identity Theft - March 31 - April 1

The 2017 International Conference topic will be announced in March.

For their scenario topic next year, Scenario Writers and Scenario Performance participants may choose Energy of the Future instead of one of the topics listed above.

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